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The kalimba is an African musical instrument with a wooden soundboard and metal keys. The 15-key kalimba that we are making at Juma Instruments is an instrument that originates from African ethnic groups in Southern Africa Thomann TK7 Kalimba. 5. Kalimba. Kalimba 7 Tongues, Body: Oiled hornbeam, Diameter: 10 cm with indentations, Stainless steel bridge and bars, Galvanised tongues, Tuning: D major, b'', g-sharp'', c-sharp'', a', f-sharp'', a'', c-sharp''' (B5, G#5, C#5, A4, F#5, A5, C#6), Made in Germany. 7 Tongues. Body: Oiled hornbeam

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  1. Kalimba, 17 Tangenter, Blå. Afrikanskt instrument, kan även kallas tumpi. 504 kr inkl. frakt. 495 kr. Till butik
  2. A kalimba is a remarkably simple instrument both in terms of its functionality and construction which makes it a little easier to master though it does take a lot of skill and practice and some musical knowledge along the way. Table of Contents [ show] View The Kalimbas Below. 1
  3. Nino Percussion Kalimba Medium 7 Tones Red . 295,00 kr. Lägg i varukorg. Nino Percussion Kalimba Small 5 Tones Green . 275,00 kr. Lägg i varukorg. 20 Produkter. Fortsätt handla. Gå till kassan. 040-12 81 92 M-F: 10-18 L: 10-14; Chatta med oss Måndag - Fredag; info@malmomusikaffar.com Svar inom 24.
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Twenty One Pilots - Truce Kalimba Number Notes & Tabs. 3° 4° (2° 7) 3° (1°° 3°)7° 6° 5° (3° 5) 1° 2° (3° 3) 3° 5° (2° 2) 1° 1° 5 (3° 1) 5 (3° 3) 4° (2° 7) 3° 1°° 7° 6° 5° (3° 1 3) (1° 3) 2° 3° 3° 5° (2° 2) 1° 1° 5 (3° 1 3 5) (1° 5) 2° 2° (7 2) 1° 1° 5 3° 6° 5° 3° 4°. (1° 5) 2° 2° (7 2) 7 1° 1° 5 (3° 1 3 5 Instruments related to or inspired by the mbira include: Array mbira, a modern invention consisting of as many as 150 tines configured in a special order based on the circle of... Gravikord, an electrified double harp that is a modern kora and kalimba hybrid, inspired by the cross rhythms of the.... A kalimba is an awesome and easy-to-play instrument that originates from Africa. Commonly made of wood, kalimbas have long metal rods that are capable of playing high-pitched notes when plucked. If you want to play the kalimba, you need to make sure that the instrument is tuned first

The Kalimba is a small and unique musical instrument thought to have existed in Africa for hundreds of years. The instrument has grown in popularity worldwid.. From my album: http://smarturl.it/AcousticTrenchAlbumHelp support the channel on Patreon ️ https://Patreon.com/AcousticTrenchI play a 17 key Kalimba: http:.. The Kalimba spans a full two octaves from B3 to B5. Playing. Tip: To play the Kalimba, hover your pointer over the tines, to pluck them much like a real Kalimba is played. Move slowly to hear individual notes. Try swiping quickly over multiple tines in a horizontal fashion to play chords. Tip: The Kalimba has three alternate layouts

Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano, Easy to Learn Portable Musical Instrument Gifts for Kids Adult Beginners with Tuning Hammer and Study Instruction. Known as Mbira, Wood Finger Piano. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 3,692. $23.99. $23. . 99. $2.00 coupon applied at checkout Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Musical Instrument,Portable African Wood Finger Piano Gifts for Kids and Adults Beginners Professional,with Waterproof Protective Box,Study Instruction and Tune Hammer. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 8. $23.99

Kalimba instrument, also known as karimba, calimba, thumb piano, is a traditional Africa instrument. It comes into existence thousands of years ago. A normal kalimba has several tines fixed on one end. People can pluck the tines and make super sweet sounds We sell some of the best kalimbas in the world, and we give you the resources you need to succeed with your kalimba. Every kalimba that we sell will come tuned to a specific tuning, and will come with that tuning spelled out on paper. Every kalimba that we sell is a real musical instrument. You may contact Mark at 520-488-7641

Kup kalimba w kategorii Instrumenty na Allegro - Najlepsze oferty na największej platformie handlowej The kalimba/mbira is a truly flexible instrument. One important path of proliferation of these instruments developed when enslaved Congolese were moved around Africa and used as porters (basically, human pack animals) by their Belgian captors in the late 1800s and early 1900s

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  1. It sounds 5x louder than a flat board. The best way I can describe the tone is its rich and full like how a resonance box should sound, but not too deep. It sounds full but also leaning bright at the same time. The loudest notes are first octave G and B and the tines are quieter the further away from these tines
  2. Kalimba fait référence à un instrument de musique africain avec une planche en bois et des lames en métal placés dessus. Pour jouer, il suffit de tenir le produit dans vos mains et de pincer vos dents avec vos pouces
  3. Model : HT17-2 The kalimba is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden board (often collated with a resonator) with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. Just need to use two thumbs..

Die Kalimba gehört zu den sogenannten Lamellophonen. Bestehend aus einem Brett mit einem Hohlkörper und mit der ungefähren Größe eines Buches, hat das Instrument den Vorteil, dass es einfach in der Hand gespielt werden kann. Die Lamellen, welche auf dem Holzstück befestigt sind, bestehen meistens aus Metall Vous connaissez à présent la kalimba plus en détail. Son histoire mystérieuse et son origine vous ont certainement donné envie de vous lancer dans l'apprentissage de cet instrument de musique original. Cette musique d'inspiration africaine vous permettra de faire connaitre la kalimba autour de vous très facilement.. Il ne vous reste plus qu'à trouver votre instrument idéal en.

Kalimba SPARA pengar genom att jämföra priser på 500+ modeller Läs omdömen och experttester Betala inte för mycket - Gör ett bättre köp idag Kalimba Instrument is a famous African instrument coming from the mbira music family. Kalimba musical instruments need to be played using the thumbs that's why the other name of this magical instrument is Thumb Piano. A thumb piano or Kalimba has small tines or keys which we need to play using our thumbs just similar to the piano instrument Height Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd - Professional kalimba instrument manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing high quality products with cheap price. Welcome to buy or wholesale discount kalimba instrument in stock here from our factory. Also, customized service is available. - Page

Kalimba Instrument muzyczny o pięknym i magicznym brzmieniu na którym łatwo gra się proste melodie jak i znane europejskie utwory. Nazwa kalimba jest znana i często stosuje się ją do określania wszystkich lamelofonów (z ang. lamellophone), które czasem określane. A kalimba instrument is something you may have seen but have never completely understood what it was, where it came from, or even what it was called. All though it is called something different depending on where it comes they all come together based on the unique shape and sound that the kalimba is known for. Thumb paino can be classified as a sort of small piano. They are relatively easy to. A kalimba is a musical instrument that may also be called the African thumb piano. It is normally made of either a wooden platform or a slightly hollowed wooden block, about the size of an adult hand. On the top of section of the wood, metal tines are played by plucking with the thumbs While kalimba is still a new instrument, and it's less than a hundred years old, it originated from mbira which appeared between 3,000 and 1,300 years ago! Interestingly, the instrument was created in Africa, and it seems that it was invented twice. The first type of mbira was created on the west coast of the continent over 3,000 years ago Thumb piano or Mbira or Kalimba are all the same thing. It is an ancient instrument originated in Africa. It was commercially produced and exported by Hugh Tracey. kalimba is the most recent name given to traditional lamellophones. 'Lamella' is the Latin word for 'plate' and 'Phone' is the Greek word for 'sound'

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  1. Chromatic kalimba instruments are tuned with the full scale including flats and sharps, like on a piano. We also have diatonic instruments made with one major or mixolydian scale, like the Kambira. Juma Instruments are made by Zimbabwean instrument maker Dingiswayo Juma. They are quality and solid instruments
  2. Mar 15, 2020 - Explore Dave Maran's board Kalimba on Pinterest. See more ideas about thumb piano, musical instruments, diy instruments
  3. Kalimba 17 Key Finger Mbira Sanza Thumb Piano Trä Bärbar Musikinstrument bästa gåva för barn och nybörjare Lightinthebox. Modell:17 Key Finger Mbira Sanza Thumb Piano; Frakt okänd
  4. Kalimba Tines are metal strips on a thumb piano whose primary function is to produce sound when plucked with the tip of the thumb or thumbnail. Between 8 to 17 metal tines are spaced across the instrument at differing lengths, producing individual tones facilitating musical melody creation
  5. The instrument with seventeen keys has two and a half octaves, which means that it starts with C4, and ends with E6. The proper tuner will show you exactly which C you're playing, so you will have an easier time tuning the instrument. Other Types Of Kalimba

Tip: Luckily the Kalimba comes pre-tuned, and is not susceptible to changes of humidity, temperature, or barometric pressure. Nor is it likely to be affected much by excessive usage, extreme carelessness, or any other kind of negligence on your part. So relax, you don't ever have to worry about making sure it's in tune To 'Tune a Kalimba' is adjusting each tine individually to a specific pitch so the notes sound exactly as expected. When played together, the perfectly tuned tines complete a musical scale or part thereof. This is the Kalimba's tuning, and how the instrument sounds when the notes are played together You don't have to know how to play the piano or any other instrument to play the Kimi Kalimba. We test and tune each Kalimba before we ship, so that it's ready to be played out the box. We also include a User Guide and a Song Booklet that teaches everything you need to know as a beginner Kalimba 1. Jeden rząd blaszek. Podobnie jak mbira i karimba posiada w swej konstrukcji blaszki, lecz z tą różnicą że w kalimbie... 2. Dwa rzędy blaszek. Blaszki kalimby mogą być umieszczone w jednym, dwóch lub nawet w trzech rzędach. Często muzyk... 3. Strój chromatyczny. Ciekawym rozwiązaniem. The ADM Kalimba is a thumb piano and a folk musical instrument that is easy-to-learn. It is portable with a 17 key round hole. In fact, the body is made from African Mahogany wood making it a durable instrument. More so, its key materials are made from stainless steel

Support This Kalimba. This is a virtual instrument Kalimba. It plays a simple but very rich sound tone. It's not a game, but I made it with Construct3 game engine. You can play notes by clicking with the mouse. In the case of the keyboard, you can see the valid keys by displaying the keys in Option>Display settings. More information What is Kalimba? A kalimba is a musical instrument that originally came from Africa. This particular musical instrument is known under many different names, such as kalimba, mbira, or even thumb piano. This certain type of musical instrument makes music when the metal tines are plucked with your thumbs A kalimba is a simple handmade musical instrument. The soft, mellow sounds from a kalimba make it an ideal instrument for relaxation. Because it is such an easy instrument to learn how to play, it makes a great educational tool if you're teaching someone about music. Within a short period of time, you can impress your friends with music The Everjoys Kalimba is a simple to learn and play melodic instrument. With this Kalimba, you can learn and play basic operations without a misuse of your time. Its body is produced using mahogany cut into a resonance box. This instrument creates clear and lovely solid since its keys are produced using carbon steel

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  1. Hugh Tracey Kalimba - 17 key Treble c1980, with factory-provided instructional notation sheet placed on the instrument. Hugh Tracey's extensive library of field recordings, consolidated as the International Library of African Music (ILAM), is now a prestigious research institution within South Africa's Rhodes University
  2. This is a virtual instrument Kalimba. It plays a simple but very rich sound tone. It's not a game, but I made it with Construct3. You can also download it from the Google Play Store
  3. 10 Keys Kalimba Wood Thumb Piano Gifts DIY Beginner Entry Instrument With Learning Book Kalimba Piano Portable Christmas Gift. New User Deal. US $1.93. Gym&Happiness Store
  4. The Kalimba was originally known as the mbira. It originated in Africa and was commonly used as a solo instrument, however it soon became known for its use amongst singers, musicians and within dance routines. Although it was used in Africa for centuries, it only became known to the Western world in the 1920s. It was
  5. WE ARE IN BUSINESS - ALL MBIRAS CURRENTLY MADE TO ORDER - 50% DEPOSIT | 3-4 MONTH TURN AROUND. Greetings! The Covid-19 Pandemic has been hard on all of us and we are hopeful that the end is near. During this time of isolation and lock downs we have been overwhelmed with sales, depleting out entire inventory
  6. g random notes. Pets and babies even love how soothing it sounds
  7. Professional 17 Keys Kalimba Thumb Piano: Solid mahogany body and ore metal tines, 17 keys adjustable tines providing longer sustain and comfortable touch feeling, this kalimba are real musical instruments that will amaze you! You just need to use two thumbs play to make a great sound. With the adjustment of the spring, timber will be brighter and clearer

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Kalimba is an African instrument under the family of lamellophones introduced back in 10,000 B.C. with almost the same structures but instead made out of bamboo and no metal present. it was said that the instrument was used by God to create the world with all the living beings under a perfect tune while one day accidentally springing a false note from an unfortunate detuned kalimba that leads. A kalimba vagy másképp mbira vagy magyarul hüvelykzongora vagy ujjzongora afrikai eredetű idiofon, ezen belül is lamellofon hangszercsoport. Megszólaltatása kézben tartva (gyakran hüvelyk)ujjal történik. Számos változata ismert. A hangszertest vagy rezonáns általában fából készül. Többnyire üreges, de lehet tömör is, néha kultikus okokból ember vagy más alakúra. Please note the Kimi Kalimba is a heavy instrument with a weight of 1 LB. We are a U.S. based shop and ship all Kimi Kalimbas from the United States. Easy to Learn You don't have to know how to play the piano or any other instrument to play the Kimi Kalimba. We test and tune each Kalimba before we ship, so that it's ready to be played out the box

A kalimba instrument with more keys indicates its ability to accommodate advanced percussionists. A Mugen kalimba is the most advanced available. Key material: Keys are generally made from steel. Sometimes you will find them made from aluminum or carbon steel Le Kalimba est un instrument très simple à appréhender et très doux qui vient d'Afrique Subsaharienne. On l'appelle aussi mbira ou piano à pouces. Peu connu sur nos terres européennes, j'ai pour mission divine de le démocratiser. La moindre note est mélodieuse The kalimba is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden board (often collated with a resonator) with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. Just need to use two thumbs play to make a sound. The kalimba is produced classified as part of the lamellaphone family, and part of the idiophone family of musical.

Kalimba Instrument History - Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China. Kalimba Instrument History, , , , Kalimba Instrument History, Cheapest Factory Metal Ukulele - Portable Cajo... IOS Certificate Silicon Foldable Drum - South Quots for Ukulele Shaped Serving Board - buy 1.. Bass Kalimba. The tenor kalimba now has a companion bass kalimba, typically known as a marimbula. It is a single octave with the 6-note pentatonic scale (D, F, G, A, C, and D). The lowest note is one octave lower than the low D on the tenor instrument. Its larger size may be cumbersome to hold and pluck at the same time The gourd kalimba is a lamellophone instrument from sub-saharan Africa. It's played by flicking a series of metal tongues to make them vibrate. Features: Two version: The Kontakt version is compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3.1 (or later) The Decent Sampler version works with the free Decent Samples player. Kalimba este un instrument muzical african vechi, cântat prin lovirea lamelelor cu degetele. Sunetul kalimba și-a găsit utilizarea atât în muzicoterapie

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The Kalimba Effect. 40 likes. Upon discovering the African instrument with angelic notes, we fell in love with its uniqueness. The calming resonating.. Kup kalimba w kategorii Instrumenty perkusyjne taniej - Allegro.pl - Najlepsze oferty na największej platformie handlowej. Zobacz sam

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La kalimba (o calimba), también conocida como sanza, mbira o mambira es un instrumento musical idiófono, de sonido dulce inventado y extendido por todo el continente africano.. Recibe diferentes nombres, según los países y pueblos: malimba, mbira (o sanza), kisaanji, kisanji (o quissange), tyitanzi, quisanche (o quisanga o quizanga) (según Alejo Alaniz también se denomina acordeón de. You're going to love these trendy kalimba! Get them for a fraction of the retail price on Wish.com. Search. Sign in. Filter. Results for kalimba Almost Gone! $9. 1,000+ bought this. $11 550 Kalimba sound effects / recordings: Attention: This is NI KONTAKT instrument, so you need full version of KONTAKT (at least version 5.5.2) to run and play it. It will not work in KONTAKT Player! However, this library contains 96kHz WAVs in separate folders for each of three kalimbas if you don't have (or need) KONTAKT. Introducing KALIMBA: the first KONTAKT instrument from KEDR Audio

KALIMBA Choisissez votre Kalimba, instrument de musique africain.Relaxant et facile à utiliser, parfait pour la médiation. Partez en voyage sonore avec sa mélodie harmonieuse, obtenue des vibrations dans la caisse de résonance lorsque les dents métalliques sont pincées avec les pouces Eminem - Mockingbird Kalimba Numbers & Tabs. Numbered Notation: 4 6 4° 4° 7 4° 3° 3° (3°1°5) (642°) (42°) 6 4 5 (35) (64) 6 4° 4° 4° 5° 4° 3° 3° (3°1°5) (642°

Tishina. Kalimba, г. Петрозаводск, респ. Карелия. 351 likes · 2 talking about this. Kalimba Tishina - Cosmik folk music instrument Instrument Kalimba. Kalimba Électrique Africain en Noyer massif - 17 Notes. Note 5.00 sur 5. € 48.77

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Kalimba, FIXM Piano à pouces 17 touches en acrylique transparent avec sac de transport, marteau de réglage et manuel d'instructions, cadeau instrument de musique, piano à pouces pour les débutants. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles. 18. 29,99 €. 29,99€. Recevez-le samedi 24 avril. Livraison GRATUITE par Amazon Amazon's Choice per Kalimba Instrument. Anpro Kalimba 17 tasti - Strumento per pianoforte a pollice in mogano con martello accordatore e istruzioni di studio per principianti amanti della musica. 4,7 su 5 stelle 88

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Kalimba o Calimba. Instrumento musical extendido por todo el continente africano. Recibe diferentes nombres, según los países y pueblos: malimba, mbira, kisaanji, likembe, sanza, | Kaypach Gör lugnande musik med detta instrument! Kalimba ger ett underbart avkopplande ljud. Att släppa stress ett tag genom att spela kalimba visar sig vara mycket effektivt. Musikinstrumentet är tillverkat av mahogny av hög kvalitet. Denna struktur ger särskilt rena ljud. Kom igång med kalimba och efter lite övning kommer d

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Mbira and Kalimba instruments are standard tuned in major keys and can be made in minor or custom tunings on request. Dimensions are length x width. More information, instrument description and prices on KalimbaShop. For videos and sound of our instruments see the Juma Drums Youtube Channel The Sansula is a member of the Kalimba family of instruments. It is mounted in a drum, which creates a var... Half Shell Kettle Gourd Kalimba. Regular price $42 00 $42.00. SKU : THU022 A nice resonant sound with a one octave range. They feel wonderful to the touch

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Kalimba, also known as a thumb piano, is like a magic music box that can produce amazing sounds. It is a new type of instrument that originated in Africa and super great for children to cultivate musical talent and for adults who simply love music. Easy to Play Bli förälskad i Kalimbas vackra ljud! Vill du lära dig ett instrument som låter vackert oavsett hur du spelar det? Soothing Melodies Mahogny Kalimba är ett musikinstrument i trä som är perfekt för alla kunskapsnivåer! Det kan användas som ett tummepiano för barn, musikinstrument för nybörjare eller ett enkelt ljudinst

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The vice is the part of the Kalimba that connects the keys to the resonating box (the tin). The way it is constructed allows for unobstructed vibration of the keys and thus SOUND. Step 1: Using a hacksaw or coldsaw, cut two 1 3/4 lengths of the 1/8 round bar. Step 2: Now, cut a 1 3/4 length of the 3/8 brass tube Step 1: Approach Although it looks like a handheld instrument, the more-avid Kalimba enthusiasts prefer to place the instrument on a... Referring to the previous point, it's best to use a hard, dry wood that resonates well. Especially, tonewoods if you... Customizing the tine spacing, arrangement. Letar du efter ett unikt piano som du enkelt kan lära dig? Ta med dig Kalimba Thumb Piano och bli pianomästare på nolltid! Att kunna spela musik är ett absolut nöje. Men med de komplicerade musikinstrumenten kan du bara lära dig och behärska några enkelt. Medan det finns några lättanvända instrument där ute, fungerar

Häromveckan råkade jag ramla in i en liten musikaffär i Zurich och stötte på en lite annorlunda kalimba att komplettera samlingen med. Den kallas sansula och är liksom uppspänd på ett skinn och har en väldigt fin klang. Man kan också lägga den på bordet och liksom vippa den hit och dit och få en skön wha-effekt Standley: Kalimba Instrument Stand ADD ON ONLY Standley is an instrument stand suitable for all Kalimba sizes Chill Angels 24 Key Flat Board Pink Pufferfish Chromatic Kalimba Flat Board, 24 Tines, 2 layer Chromatic Scale, Rubber Woo Seven Weeks, Week One: Introducing WA Kalimba - also known as mbira or thumb piano, this instrument has its roots in African music with ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey bringing the instrument to countries abroad in the 20th Century The kalimba, according to wikipedia, is also known as an Mbira which is an African instrument originating from Zimbabwe. Although the Ailsa-Kalimba is sampled from a highly engineered German instrument, the original tends to be somewhat more rustic and enjoyable detuned Kalimba And Piano Lovechild. Kalimba Rain. Forgotten Kalimba. Ailsa-Kalimba. David's Kalimba. Instagram Free Sample Instrument - STEEL GLASS PADS by Aarya. Free Sample Instrument - OCTAVE FEEDBACK by Peter . Free Sample Instrument - SYNTHELLO by Andrew Reeds. Free Sample Instrument - SNOW by Gabriel Ness!

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Learning how to play a musical instrument is cool, but learning how to play an instrument you made yourself is way cooler. Using a long piece of wood, some screws, and a ton of Popsicle sticks, YouTuber Mash makes a working kalimba that can play some sick, wood-slapping tunes Kalimba may refer to: Kalimba, an African plucked idiophone. Kalimba, a video game for the Xbox One released in 2014 by Danish developer Press Play; Kalimba Music, an American record label Kalimba Story, 1974 song by Earth, Wind & Fire Kalimba, a song by electronica artist Mr. Scruff on the 2008 album Ninja Tuna. Peopl Kalimba (or Mbira/ Thumb Piano/ Likembe/ Sansula), is a kind of ancient African musical instrument. One may find it interesting to associate its spiritually healing tune with its toy-like appearance. Bula is the most common word you'll hear right across Fiji and it is used to greet people or say hello

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17 Key Kalimba Finger Piano Musical Instrument Sound Therapy for Adults and Children. Shootfromthehip. From shop Shootfromthehip. 5 out of 5 stars. (65) 65 reviews. $39.97 FREE shipping Bestseller. Favorite The Kalimba we sampled has 17 tines; two octaves of C minor pentatonic with 4 duplicate tines, G3, Bb3, C4 and Eb4. The instrument alternates between duplicate tines and shows which tine is currently being played. Each microphone perspective and the FX layer can be routed to specific outputs, allowing for more flexible mixing Foto handla om Ett afrikanskt instrument namngav Mbira, det består av ett träbräde med fäste vacklade metalltangenter. Bild av glockenspiel, folk, instrument - 34773390 Stock Foto

Harp-Kora,African Kora inspired harp-like experimentalMemories - Maroon 5 Lyrics and Notes for Lyre, Violin[숫자악보] Imagine Dragons - Believer (빌리버) 쉬운 칼림바 악보 (EasySanta Claus Is Coming To Town Lyrics and Notes for LyreAtumpan 3905 - Atumpan : acheter tambour d'Afrique (tamtam

Een Kalima is een Afrikaans muziekinstrument dat bestaat uit metalen tongen die aan een klankkast vastzitten. Door deze tongen aan te slaan met je duimen, creëer je een geluid wat lijkt op het geluid van een muziekdoosje. In het Nederlands wordt hierdoor de Kalimba ook wel Duimpiano genoemd. In Afrika noemt men de Kalimba ook vaak de Mbira TimberTunes 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Finger Piano Therapy Musical Instrument for Adults Children with Waterproof Case. Shootfromthehip. 5 out of 5 stars. (120) NZ$43.79. Bestseller Make a Homemade Kalimba to Study Music in Your Next ESL English Class. In my English classes, I always try to incorporate fun activities to keep my ESL students motivated and excited. So I decided to make a DIY craft kalimba with my students at Step by Step Kids Eikaiwa in Japan. It was a fun experience to learn about the unique African instrument

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